10 subtly stupid things I did during my younger years (not that I’m OLD)

1. Took the exams drunk.
          It was during our senior year in high school, and our exams doesn’t start in the afternoon; So my friends and I met up at our usual place, and bought 500ml of beer for each one of us, and got ourselves drunk early morning that day (we’re not alcoholics, just plain bored; and probably we just wanted to see if we’ll get caught) comes afternoon, we went our way to school and was late. My teacher cornered me outside the room asking for my permit and why I was late. I was handing over my permit and giving her some lame excuse while backing away from her (because she’s walking closer and closer to me. I don’t want her to smell the beer!)

dont-come-any-closer                                   How did the exam go? Can’t remember; I was drunk. drunk

2.  Snuck in a friend at an exclusive school event.
          I have this friend that got kicked out of our school; Our principal hated her. (she was a  “trouble student” – a pain in the ass to most of our teachers lol) Anyway, she wanted to attend this school event, and we wanted her there as well, so we planned to snuck her in. We managed to do that but seconds later our principal appeared and he was scolding us, specially me, in front of the entire school. (I didn’t really cared much about what he was saying, I was more concerned of what our plan B would be)


3. Went home REALLY drunk.
          So my friends and I were drinking almost the entire day that day (again, we’re not alcoholics) and I was so drunk, so I went home because all I wanted to do was sleep. So once I reached home,  my mom greeted me, she was saying something about me smelling like beer (I object your honor) and I went right up stairs (drunk walking) accidentally hitting all the paintings on the wall on my way. My sister shouted at me (don’t remember what she said)  but I was in a hurry ’cause I feel like vomiting already, so I went straight to the bathroom, vomited, then my bedroom and slept. My family never woke me up for dinner, I guess they figured I was drunk. LOL (I’m not proud tho)


4. Got into a fight.
          Okay, so my friends and I hang out at this sari sari store, and of course other people would come by, there’s this group of girls that are so annoying but we just ignored them for peace sake. One of our common friends told us that they’re actually irritated with us; and their sort of “leader” hated my friend the most (they confronted each other), and to make this story short, one of their friends gave my friend the bad finger while passing by, and my friend told us about this.
One day, this girl and a friend of her happened to pass by, and then my friend told me “there she is”, I dropped everything I was buying at the store and charged like a bull towards that girl with my arm stretched out reaching for her hair, once I got hold of her hair I yanked it back so hard, that made her head tilt backwards, and so I looked her straight in the eye and asked her what’s her problem, then shouted some hateful words at her face (she kept denying what she did); her friend ran to their other friends looking for help, eventually my friends and other people started gathering around us and broke the fight, I let go of her hair afterwards, she never hit me back, not even to defend herself. (What a wuss) We returned to the store, nothing ever happened to me.

giphy (2).gif

5. Pretended to be a boy.
          Well, remember my “trouble” friend? turns out she was a lesbian, AND is into this girl; She pretended to be a boy to make her fall for her and to make things more real, she asks us to pretend to be boys through text and friendster; anyway, long story short, things got out of hand, our group of fake good looking guys got so popular with the girls from different schools, that they would fight over us (crazy), send us mobile credits whenever we don’t respond, they would call us but we rarely answer ( i mean, we can’t answer unless we’re with guy friends), Our male friends are the ones who talks to them (our guy friends never asked why, guess they’re good with just being able to talk to girls haha) Some of them would even tell us “Hey I saw you yesterday at (enter location here)” seriously girls? It’s not real! Although, I’m not really proud of what we did, we played with their feelings just for fun which isn’t right. (WE’RE REALLY SORRY) We stopped pretending after awhile and just disappeared from the scene, my friend admitted everything to that girl and they eventually got together FOR REAL.


6. Ruined a band gig.
          I was in a rock band back at high school, I was the lead guitarist (lol to this, I’m not good with ad libs haha) Anyway, we were auditioning for this event,everything was going smoothly, but I stopped playing the guitar once we reached the end part of the song. I didn’t know the rest of the chords, so I just stopped. I was just standing there looking at the crowd. eventually the drums stopped as well, and it was only the bass who finished everything lol it was so embarassing. Hahaha!

giphy (4).gif

7. Got caught smoking at home.
          So… it was a weekend, and I have the house all to myself. My parents were out grocery shopping, and I assumed they won’t be back soon, so I got my pack of cigarettes, and went inside this room that we have over the terrace and smoked it there; while I was enjoying my cigar, I heard mom, and she was close! (I was at the second floor, and I closed all the doors and windows of that room – stuuuupiiiid.)

giphy (1).gif

This is me, trying to put out the cigar and figuring out how to get rid of the smell fast! because I could hear mom getting SUPER CLOSEEmojione_1F628.svg.png

I did managed to put out the cigar and throw it somewhere in the room before mom opened the door, but the room was still hazy because of the smoke and of course, the smell, there’s no denying that; well I was smoking Gudang at that time, so it didn’t really smelled like the usual cigar.

     MOM: what’s that? are you smoking?!!
     ME: No, that’s paper. I’m burning paper.
     MOM: and what’s that smell???
     ME: I don’t know…. the carpet?

LOOOL. Well, my family didn’t talk to me for 2 days. You could feel their disappointment. But eventually dad talked to me, and everyone started talking and surprisingly they weren’t mad. However, I didn’t stop smoking yet, just figured out that smoking in a locked room is a bad idea, so I smoked outside, where the wind could easily get rid of the smell, and there will be no evidence.


8. Joined a sorority, then quit.
          Fraternities / Sororities are a big deal during my high school years, people would think you’re “cool” if you’re in one. (but not really, it depends on which one you’re joining, if you’re with a Frat/Sorority that sucks, then you suck as well) anyway, my friends and I planned to join this sorority that’s really big, it’s an international sorority (I’m not gonna say the name) and recruitment is very discreet. So when my friends and I were invited to join, we’re like oh hell yes. So we did all the things they asked us to do, etc, etc. days passed and we got into the “final stage”, they wanted us to dress up, formal attire with matching hair and makeup and go to class. and to be honest, even before this point, I was losing interest already; I don’t really see any sense in it, I told my friends and they felt the same; and when they asked us to wear formal… I’m like…



9. Curse A LOT.
          Yeah, I curse a lot back in the day. It was like an expression, and sometimes I don’t really mean it. Just feels right saying it.


          I was able to somehow curse less. It just didn’t sound right to my ears anymore, so I just stop  cursing when it’s not necessary. (It makes cursing more special. LOL) Today, whenever I hear people curse during conversations with their friends, specially young ones, it made me think… am I like that back then? It’s too annoying to listen to, and I seriously want to smack the shit (sorry) out of their mouths.

10. Snuck out to a concert.
          Every year there’s a festival at our place, where local bands would come and perform and you can watch them live  for free. And of course, everyone you know will be there. Friends, Schoolmates, Everyone. So we went there but we never told our parents because the place was too far, and they wont let us go if they knew. Concert was amazing. The Mosh Pit was crazy. All of our friends were there, we had so much fun and we didn’t care if we’re all sweaty and smelled like shit (beer + our sweat + other people’s sweat + smoke) Anyway, my mom called my friend’s mom to check on me. What my parents know is that I’m at my friend’s house and my friend’s parents know is that she’s on my house; and they both found out that this was a big fat lie. So we got calls from both our parents, telling us to get home right at that moment. My friend and I although we were scared, we decided to stay. YOLO right? lol We thought that if we go home now, we’ll be scolded and probably be grounded, so what difference would that make if we go home in the morning? (which is a lot safer btw) so we decided to finish the event and it was all worth it.

giphy (7).gif

I can’t say that I’m proud of my actions but I’m glad I did all these things during my younger years. I did learn a lesson or two. also, my conclusion is: I’m such a stubborn girl. LOL but I’m proud to say that I’ve outgrown all of my bad habits. (somehow)