Getting Lost: Hong Kong – Macau

Lats month, we finally went on with our Hong Kong – Macau trip.

Actually we were only planning to go to Hong Kong, but we found out that you can actually travel to Macau via ferry, and it only takes an hour, so..why not? :D

We got our money changed into Hong Kong Dollars before we left, if there’s no HKD available, I suggest you change it into US Dollars, as it’s accepted at any money changer in the world.

Here’s our itinerary (4 Days, 3 Nights)

DAY 1:

We left Manila around 2:50 PM  and arrived at Hong Kong at roughly around 5:30 PM

Upon arriving at Hong Kong International Airport, I highly suggest (specially if you’re planning to travel around the city) to buy an octopus card. 

Where can you buy this? It’s at the center of the airport. (sort of… LOL it’s there on arrival area, you won’t miss it.)


This will cost HKD 150. It already has a stored value of 50. You can add more load on your card at 7-11 stores. Also, one octopus card = one person. You and your friends cannot share in one octopus card.

You can watch this for more info:

Taxis are expensive, but if you’re willing to spend money on that, then forget the card.

Anyway, after we got our cards, we went around searching for… where the buses are… We finally found it. Yey! This is our bus! :D


Unfortunately, the place we’ll be staying at is a bit far from the center, it’s located at Lam Tei, but the place was cozy, so it’s all good.

We booked this room at Airbnb, and our host was very helpful and accommodating.


When we got there, it was almost 8 PM-ish. we left our bags, freshen up a little, then went  out again. This was the first night we got lost. LOL

We were supposed to go to the Ladies Market, but when we looked at the bus routes on the screen of the bus — it was not the same as the ones we have on our notes.  Man. We’re lost. Haha!

so we drop off at wherever that was, and from there just walk around, look for a place to eat because we’re starving (and lost) until we felt really hopeless (because we couldn’t find where the E33 bus stop was) and went home.

Most of them don’t speak english, so if you don’t speak chinese, better have a photo or a Chinese translation of where you want to go, so they’ll understand you better.

We got back around 12 past midnight, and then we just slept. lol

DAY 2:

We got up early at 8am. Then went our way at 9am.

Our first stop was the The Ngong Ping Village + Tian Tan Buddha + Po Lin Monastery

I forgot which bus to take though lol but you’ll have to go to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, from there you can take the cable car going to the village, or in our case, since the cable car was under maintenance that time (booo)  we rode a bus. The bus ride took almost an hour.

aaaand…Here we are!


4268 STEPS!

Stopping for a selfie LOL



Once we’re done here, we’re off to Disneyland!!! :D

From here, go back to the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal, across that  is the Tung Chung Station. Take the train going to Disneyland Resort, go down at Sunny Bay Station.

This train will get you to Disneyland! ♥♥♥


Smiley_=D.png  Smiley_=D.png  Smiley_=D.png

Do not miss Disney Paint the Night and Disney in The Stars! It was amazing. :)

DAY 3:

Woke up early again, then went directly to Hong Kong – Macau Ferry Terminal. We got lost (again) lol but we eventually found our way.

We took the Cotai Water Jet Ferry going to Macau, there’s also Turbojet Ferry, but Cotai is cheaper. :)

Transfer from Hong Kong to Macau took almost an hour. Upon arrival at Macau, if your hotel offers free shuttle service, look for the bus. if not, take the cab.

By the way, before going to Macau, change your HKD or whatever money you have into MOP / Pataca. They don’t accept other type of currency most of the time. 

We stayed here at Inn Hotel Macau.weqw

The room was spacious, and clean and at a very affordable price.

After checking-in, we went our way to the Ruins of St. Paul.19

Near the Ruins of St. Paul is the Monte Fort as well as the Macau Museum.



We were planning to stay the night in (because we got lost, AGAIN) but one of our high school friend (that works at Macau) contacted my friend and asked that we go out for dinner.

We went to The Venetian Macau (Food Court Area) and then at Fisherman’s Wharf.

I love the Fisherman’s Wharf, chill place.79.PNG


This is our friend Brian, beside him is his girlfriend Carla. Thank you guys! :D
(They taught us how to read the bus routes lol )

DAY 4:

Our last day. Emoji_u1f622.svg.png

Since our flight leaves at 8:00 PM, we decided to go to the Macau Wine Museum, and The Grand Prix Museum. Both are on the same building.


Before we went there, we found out about this App that functions even without data. It tells you where to go, where the bus stop is located and what bus to take.

THIS @#$%^@!!  APP! —> Macau Bus Guide & Offline Map

I KNOW. WHY haven’t we thought about that earlier. come to think of it, Hong Kong might have an app like that as well -_-

Anyway the Macau App was very helpful and accurate. WE DID NOT GET LOST. #proud lol

At around 8:00 PM we’re already on our way back to Manila.

BUDGET: (for 1 person)

Airfare (Airasia) – Manila to Hong Kong    – PHP 2419
Travel Tax (Manila to Hong Kong                 – PHP 1620

* Hotel Prices are as follows: Airbnb: PHP 3868, Inn Hotel: PHP 2812
but since there’s two of us, we split the bill)

Airbnb Room (2 nights)                                   – PHP 1934
Inn Hotel Macau (1 night)                               – PHP 1406

Airfare (Airasia) – Hong Kong to Macau    – PHP 2425

For the pocket money, I’ve allotted PHP 10,000 for this 4 day trip.
***this includes the bus/train/taxi fares, food, ferry fare, disneyland entrance fee, etc

TOTAL: PHP 19,798  you might want to add a little extra on that, just in case. :)

We also found out from our friend Brian, that you can actually do
Hong Kong – Macau – China.200_s.gifYou should definitely try that out. :)


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