I’m not really a fan of modern devices

I know, it “improves” our lives, but I don’t really see it as a necessity.

I used to love computers, I would die without it.

I used to wake up and go directly to my computer, start it up and sit there all day until it’s night time. I would spend everyday doing stuff on my computer. That was my life.

Until I realized… what was I doing sitting in front of a computer ALL DAY when there’s a whole lot of things to do outside?

From that day on, I would only use a computer if I really, REALLY need to. (My job requires a computer — how ironic? huh? but once my shift ends, I don’t want to see / use any computer anymore)

My computer broke down ages ago, and I never thought about getting it fixed.

It was a blessing. It was what I needed.

It was like the world was calling to me, telling me to go out, do something and explore.

These devices…  I just feel like it’s taking a lot of our time, time we could spend doing something else, instead of staring at these damn screens all day. It creates disconnection.

I’m not blaming technology, we just got to learn how to control ourselves and not be enslave by these devices.

I mean, look at us. We’re always on our phones, computers, in our own world

I looked at people in silence, eyes wide, consumed by this thing they’re holding. It’s as if they’re being enslaved by something they cannot see.

It’s just crazy …and sad at the same time.


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