Last November, my ultimate travel buddy and I (yes, ultimate. she’s the only one who’s always up to go with me, wherever that is. Just name the place and she’s ready to go lol) we went to Boracay, The most popular beach here in the Philippines.

It’s actually an island, a small one. I actually didn’t want to go, because of all the fuss people are making about it for the last many years.

“Boracay is so overrated” is what I would usually say, until the day I step foot on that Island, and have seen that it is really beautiful.


I love it most during the early morning to noon. The color of the water is just WOW. Anyway, enough of the chit-chat, let me present to you our SUPER AMAZINGLY CHEAP itinerary.


MANILA -(air)- KALIBO -(van)- CATICLAN JETTY -(boat) CAGBAN JETTY -(tricycle)- BORACAY

1. Look for a flight going to Kalibo or Caticlan, usually it would cost (one way) at most PHP 3,000, but we only got ours for PHP 600! Yup. There are promo fares on AirAsia and CebuPacific. Our trip is from Manila – Kalibo took about 45minutes – 1 hour.

2. Upon arriving at Kalibo Airport, there will be stalls and vans going to Caticlan Jetty. We shared a van with a bunch of people, fare costs PHP 250 per person. this includes a boat transfer. (yes, I don’t recommend booking an early van transfer as you could get a cheaper price once you’re there) This land transfer to Catical Jetty would take around 2 hours.

3. Upon arriving at Caticlan Jetty, you have to pay for the Terminal Fee (PHP 100) and Environmental Fee (PHP 75). Boat transfer to Cagban Jetty would take around 15-20 minutes. (I don’t remember exactly, but it’s a short ride)

4. Upon arriving at Cagban Jetty, there are tricycles that could take you to your hotel. We paid PHP 100, but found out when we’re leaving that fare costs only PHP 15 per person!

REMEBER: Opeartion of boats are 5am-10pm.


There are alot of resorts and transient you could stay in at Boracay, just google ’em and they would show up. We stayed at Wendy’s Apartelle. It costs us PHP 1,800 for 3days 2 nights for 2 pax. so… PHP 900 per person.

We stayed in a room, with one queen size bed, airconditioning is okay, there’s TV, bathroom’s okay. BUT we don’t have signal in our room. That’s the only downside. but that’s okay since we were only in our room, when it’s time for us to sleep.
It’s a 5-10 minutes walk away from the beach btw.


Where to eat is not a problem, as there a loooot of restaurants in the Island to choose from. Some cheap, some expensive.


There are many activities in the Island. Island Hopping, Sailing, Helmet Diving, Scuba Diving, and other water activities you could choose from.

You could also try Kite Surfing, Flyboarding, Parasailing, and other activities.

We tried Parasailing and Island Hopping.




(At this point, I don’t wanna go home anymore haha)



Sunset was amaziiiiing!

we we’re supposed to go sailing but my friend got dizzy so we just sat by the beach. haha


(My ultimate travel buddy haha ——>)

I would also suggest not to avail any package for these activities as it’s a lot cheaper when you’re there, Oh yes.

BUDGET BREAKDOWN (For 1 person, group of 2)

Airfare (AirAisa) – PHP 1,200 (return)
Van & Boat – PHP 500 (return)
Tricycle – PHP 75
Terminal Fee – PHP 100
Environmental Fee – PHP 75
Airport Terminal Fee – PHP 200
Lodge (Wendy’s Apartelle)- (PHP 1,800 for 2 nights) – PHP 900

3 Days (BFast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks) – Aprrox PHP 1,500

Parasailing – PHP 1,000
Island Hopping – PHP 400

TOTAL: PHP 5,950 — yes! :D

* I would suggest you bring extra cash, in case you want to do, buy or eat more.

3 days wasn’t enough, should’ve gone with 5 days, but whatever I could always go back. :)


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