I’m looking at you, at our photos.

I wonder why I never shared it with the world..

I wonder why I never told anyone about you…about us.

well I did to a few, but just now when it’s all over.

Maybe because deep down I know, it’s never gonna happen.

I have doubts that it’s real.

And simply, maybe,  I was waiting for you to be the one to open it up to the world..

You left, promising me that you will come back…

I’ve knocked on every door, and looked through every window, but I did not see you. I did not hear you, I did not feel you.

Part of me wants to see you, just curious of what you might say.

Part of me don’t want to see you, because it wouldn’t matter anyway.

I cared about you, but now I’m certain, I don’t.


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