25 Years

a lot has changed since then.

from the first day my mom held me in her arms and  I opened my eyes to the world.

to now, that I’m working and living on my own, away from my parents.

Many things had happened, many things have changed.

Back when I was a kid I wanted to become a VJ or a spy lol I’ve always pretended to be one back in the day. Haha but here I am, animating stuff. which is actually pretty cool.

I did all kinds of crazy back in high school and college…as well my early after graduation days. Cutting classes, going to school drunk, partying all night, making my parents angry 😁 getting into a fight, smoking, taking the exams drunk, making my teachers angry, being an example of bad influence to fellow classmates and friends 😅 drinking some more haha name it. I won’t go into details, because it’ll be very long. and this entry is already long. BTW, just to be clear I’m done with that part of my life. I eventually got tired of it. ☺ I’m trying to be a good girl now. Haha

Back then I hated nature, I don’t see the beauty in it. I mean it’s  too sunny and I’ll have dark skin when I stayed too long under the sun.. Just like what my sister would usually say about beach photos “all I see is the glaring sun.” but now, I appreciate it. and I don’t care if my skin got darker anymore. I’ll choose mountains over any establishments. I’d rather sleep on a tent with the sky and the stars as my ceiling than sleep on a 5, 7 star hotel suite.

I  jumped off a fucking waterfall!  and that has been one of the greatest experiences of my life 😁

That feeling of being free and at peace, you can only get that from nature.

I don’t like to cook, but I do now. I love experimenting with food. and trying different recipes I found over the internet. and my family likes my cooking, so I guess I’m doing okay? Haha

Back when I was a kid, I thought my first crush was the one, but as I grew older, I forgot about him lol and learned that there are other relationships aside from crushes.lol

when I was a kid, I never thought I’d loose people who are close to me. I always thought they’ll be  there. I lost 2 aunts this year. and in my 25 years, 6 people died in our family. all of them, have been a part of my life.

My brother and sister, whom I played with and made goofy moments with (until now) hha both of them are getting married this year, and I’m very happy for them. Although this means I’ll be living on my own even more, since they’ll be busy starting their own families and all.

My bestfriends are far from me as well, All of us are far from each other, we live at different places and have our own lives to live. 2 of them are mothers already! Crazy! Haha we used to hangout every goddamn day, now, we only get to hangout like once a year. Either Christmas or New Year. Haha anyway I miss them all.

One of the things I’ve learned is that you have to get by on your own. You’ve got to learn how to be strong on your own, to stand up on your own, to grow on your own. to live on your own. Everyone will die, and it’ll be just you. It’s the truth. It’s sad, it sucks, but it’s the truth.

We are never certain of what will happen in the future. We can predict and plan out to get what we want, but you can never guarantee that it’ll happen 100%. You still have to take risks. And those risks has its own consequences. So I say, do the best that you can in whatever situation you’re in right now. and hope to God it goes well.

I realized that life is  moving, everything goes on and on. No matter what happens, you go on, you move forward. Life can be tiring sometimes, you can can take a break from time to time but you can never stop. As long as you’re alive, you should live. Life goes on.

I know there are more things to come, and more things that I need to learn. Hopefully , I’ll be able to get through to all of it. (fingers crossed) :)

If life is a hundred meter dash, I’m just at the starting point.


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