To my aunt.

and what she made me realized after she died.

We were never close, my aunt and I.

Although we live together, we never really talked that much.

She was always in her room, sometimes she’s outside with her friends, but we rarely sit together in a room for hours. The only time I got to be with her is when we eat meals.

She’s not a bad person. She is actually very…prim and proper; maybe that’s why she finds me a bit of annoying? lol


My aunt, she suffered and died from breast cancer. Stage 4.

She got it removed before, but then it came back.

She still stayed strong despite her situation, she didn’t really ask for help unless she really needs it. It was bad, her cancer. her stupid cancer. It made her body so weak and rotten. It’s just awful.

She didn’t want to go to hospital and get chemo therapy, I don’t know why. Maybe because, according to the doctor (if I got it right) the cancer won’t go away. It’s impossible at that stage to remove it but they can only prevent it from spreading, prolonging the damage it would cost.

I guess that’s why she decided to accept it as it is.

She was cremated. I was in the room and saw her being pushed inside this big oven. Then she’s gone. Turned to ashes.

What I realized after that is this.

What’s important is how you live your life. The impact that you’ve made when you’re still alive, the things that you did is what will remain. Your body, your life…you just borrowed it. You have been given number of years to experience this world. It’s now up to you how you’re gonna do it.

You’re gonna make it good? you’re gonna make it worse? It’s all in your hands. What I think is that, if that time comes and you’re on your deathbed. I think it would be a whole lot nicer looking back on your time here on earth and realizing that you did the best that you can for you and for others and you know you did well.

Thanks aunt. This is by far the best lesson I learned from you.

Hoping you’re in peace.

We love you always.


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