So it’s a new year.

It’s kinda late for a new year’s post but what the hell, didn’t really feel like writing during the holidays so..

Last year I’ve decided to stop smoking. And yes!! :D  I’ve succeeded. Lol

That has been my major achievement for the year 2014. YEY!

Well…how about this year? I know it’s not really necessary that you have to have a goal every godamn year, but it would be nice to have something to work on, anywaaaaay.

This year I’ve decided to be more positive to things. Like saying Yes to life more often than I used to. I mean whenever someone asks me to do something or go somewhere, I would usually say “meh, maybe next time”mehh, i’ll probably just stay at home” “mehhh, i feel lazy today” “mehh…mehhh…mehhh...” Lol  so now, this year I’m thinking of taking on anything that will come my way.

Challenge accepted mode: ON. Haha

It’s like in a way opening doors to different, new possibilities and opportunities.

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it makes me feel ALIVE.

So time’s up for me and my lazy ass. My inactive days are OVER.


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