What happened when I deactivated my Facebook account:

Okay so, I deactivated my Facebook account months ago, simply because I don’t have anything to post there, I don’t have anything to do there. I just realized that I am just scrolling and scrolling looking for something… I don’t know… nice? interesting? to comment on or like or whatever.. so… I deactivated it. Simple.

Now, what happened when I deactivated my Facebook account?

1. There is no pressure to update your photo. YES, you can choose not to change it ever. but I don’t know, I feel like I have to, haha. like if it has been 4 months already, I feel like I have to update it, because its waaaay too long, and I don’t look the same anymore. so hha

2. Everything becomes more personal. I mean when people want to talk to you, they will contact you on your phone, and not on facebook and just wait for you to log on. You get to know people by interacting with them personally, and not by browsing their posts and knowing that they like these stuff, they went there, and they did that. etc. without even talking to them.

3. I actually miss my friends, I really do. When I still use facebook, I don’t miss them LOL well maybe, but just a tiiiiny bit. hha yeah, I’m the worst friend someone could have, so thank you friends for staying hha anyway. before I would always feel as if they’re near because I’m updated on what’s happening in their lives, when I see that green little dot I know they’re still there. but now, I’ve got no clue on what’s happening anymore, and it’s not a bad thing actually. when you meet again, you’ve got tons of things to talk about.

4. There is less drama. You can’t see anything, you don’t know anything, so less things bothers you. You’ll find out about things eventually anyway.

5. Communication is a bit hard. Well yes, there’s whatsapp, viber and other messaging apps, but I don’t have those shit.

Well anyway, not using Facebook gave me more time, really. I have become a little more productive since I don’t waste my time scrolling my life away. But because of no.5 I’m back on Facebook. LOL Yes. Whether I don’t like it or I don’t like it.

I realize that Facebook can actually be very useful in messaging a person when you couldn’t get through their phones, or you lost your phone and you want to contact a friend, or you want to contact someone but you don’t have their number but you’re friends on Facebook, etc, etc.

So with that I’m done with being the VIP friend who’s impossible to contact. Lol. I am back on Facebook, and people can message me whenever they want. and yes, my friends can tag me again on my fugly photos and random whatever stuff they feel like posting.

POST UPDATE 2015:  I have deactivated my Facebook FOR GOOD. ciao!


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