LEGO Movie

FINALLY. I was able to watch this.

My 9 yr old nephew wanted to watch this, but his mom (my sister) and I doesn’t want to.

When I heard about this Lego movie, I wasn’t that excited. I mean I’ve seen animated legos (stop motion) on TV and it’s okay, but their mouths, it wouldn’t move when they talk, and their facial expressions are limited; thinking about a movie like that? meh, I don’t think it’ll be that fun.

Out of curiosity though, since my nephew wouldn’t shut up about it. I watched the trailer… and I went from  “meh”  to  “hmmmmmm….”  haha

So I searched for it over the internet, and successfully found a clear version, not HD quality though, but it’ll do. and I was actually very much entertained. I actually regretted not watching it in the theater.

At the beginning of the film, I was at awe with the production; I mean back at college, I made a 3D animated tv ad for lego, it consisted of 2 human legos, a field with flowers, swing and 2 – 3 big trees…and oh god, duplicating those blocks, and animating them…oh there’s just too many elements..aaaaanyway… since God-like animators made this, when I saw the production of this film, i died. hahaha it was so beautiful, I got chills looking at all of the designs, from his bedroom to the streets, buildings, humans, food, etc. and how they are all moving!


I thought it was full stop motion, like Coraline, but I did some research and found out that there are CG parts to it, I guess most of it are CG; but how they animated it is nice, since they still made it look like as if it was stop motion. anyway, the last part, where there are real humans, kind of ruined it for me. I guess, they should have just made it in 3D, like toy story-ish. but whatever. It was an awesome film.

Everything is awesoooome! (except for the real humans) hahaha


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