I finally quit smoking.

I stopped smoking 4 months ago. I wasn’t really planning to stop, I mean I want to stop. BUT not the way I did.

I thought it would be a process, like you have to decrease the number of cigar you smoke let’s say per week or per day, or I thought I would be needing a replacement for cigar, or I really have to follow the steps on “ways on how to quit smoking” article, but I didn’t do any of those.

I have been smoking for almost 8 years. 

I am, as how my friends would say, a chain smoker. I cannot just smoke 1 cigar,  it has to be at least 2 or 3 would be better. Usually, at most, I smoke 10 cigars  per day but when I’m with friends… it’ll be more.

I actually didn’t care about the effects of smoking. I mean it’s good! It takes away the stress, or whatever. It feels good to smoke when you’re hanging out with friends, blahblahblah. Let’s just say I’m one of those who won’t stop smoking whatever the fuck you say or do. You will not win, because I won’t stop smoking, because I love smoking. simple as that.

If I were in a deserted place and the nearest store is 3 hour drive from where I am, and there’s no vehicle that I can use, I will fucking walk.

So why did I stop, and how? 

Knowing how I am when it comes to smoking, I challenged myself to stop. so I did, but I have this condition that if ever I crave for a smoke, I won’t torture myself and I will smoke. but after a week of not smoking, I didn’t crave. Usually after 3 days I would have; but I never did and never had a craving up until now.

I simply just got tired of it.

After a month of successfully not smoking, I decided to go on with it, because I realized, it’s not doing me any good. It used to be my stress reliever, but a day came that it didn’t anymore. and somehow, I guess it never really did. so yes, I surrender. The ads against smoking is true. It won’t do you any good. You’re not gaining anything, really. ZERO. NONE. so just stop.


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