The day you were gone, I died.

But just as I was about to give up on us, one day you came back.

I was in shock, seeing your message in my inbox, I couldn’t open it at first, I was scared of what I might read, but eventually I read it. It was an explanation and I believe you.

I was very happy you came back, that you never really left, and that you’re alright.

I did everything I can to find out what happened to you, Instead I found out you have someone else. I knew you have someone else, and when you came back, I just can’t do it anymore. to pretend it’s all okay, to have you tell her same things you tell me. I’ve finally decided it’s not right to stay. I loved you but I can’t stay and play pretend anymore. It was hard for me to let go, but all of me is saying no already.

YOU: “…….and I’m sorry”  

           —– I can’t make myself respond after that. to even say fuck you… I cant do it…. to speak to you.   

maybe someday i’ll be able to… but i don’t know if it will ever be the same…

I’m happy I met you. Thank you for everything and yes, I forgive you.


I am sorry too, I’ve made mistakes as well.


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