I was supposed to leave last June 1, but there are some things needed to be done so I wasn’t able to leave; and up until now, I’m still here. I thought I could just go on lay around all day, and do nothing; I mean I’m good at this, being lazy. But now it’s wearing me out. I’m itching to go away, I miss being busy, I want to explore, to travel…whatever. I just want to do something with my life.

So why am I still here? Simple, money. I don’t have money. I don’t have enough for a bus fare ( bus fare, how lame. Yes, I pity myself too ) so I have to wait for my sister to come and pick me up on the 23rd! Yesssss. June 23.

From June1 – June 23. 22 days, 24 hours doing nothing. I thought I could do it, thought I would enjoy it actually, but I was wrong. I have never been this bored my entire life. Go out with friends?  Watch a movie? Play games? Yeah, it takes my mind off things, but nah.

Patience? Good things come to those who wait? Yeah, I’m trying, really, to convince myself that something good will happen. That this, all of this, is not plain bullshit.

I want something new. If something happens that could cause a delay on me leaving, I will explode. This is just suffocating. I just want to move forward.


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