24 hours

I took a photo every hour of the day. I was planning to do this before, but didn’t have time. Anyway, I’ll probably do this again, but not anytime soon. T’was fun! :) but taking photos every hour is a lot harder than it sounds. Haha

From 7:46 AM May 21, 2012 to 7:51 AM May 22, 2012.

7:46 AM
Good Morning.
8: 42 AM
Double checking my showreel. OH GOD. finally. it’s overrrr. Haha
9:49 AM
PS. Food photography is really hard. specially when you’re hungry. I gave up after 10 shots. Haha This isn’t even a good shot. Whatever. Hahaha!
10:37 AM
Credit Sheet for me showraaaal. :)
11:35 AM
Don’t know what I’m watching. Haha Rocky something…dunno. I changed the channel anyway after 15 minutes. :))
12:33 PM
1:27 PM
My dogs! :D They’re hungry. Always. Haha
2:43 PM
I’m drying my hair, at the same time I’m reading this book. I don’t get to read as much as I did before. so I try to as much as possible read a book while I’m drying my hair. These days, this is the only time I have, really, to read. :)
3:38 PM
It’s been a while marl, I miss you :* LOL
4:45 PM
I bought small cakes. Hihi :))
5:43 PM
Done with burning and printing. cd label and paper clips can wait till tomorrow, I got lazy. Haha
6:41 PM
Zombehhh!!! Left 4 dead with mah nephew, I promised him a game and he never forgets. -__- Haha
7:40 PM
The lights went out AGAIN. CASURECO must’ve been ‘fixing’ something, AGAIN. really? :))
8:42 PM
Tooth brushing.
9:50 PM
“You lack training!” — I do not! Haha!
FUUUUU God of War. :))
10:41 PM
Talking with friends :)
11:49 PM – 6:42AM
6:43 AM
7:51 AM
Coffeeeeee. Can’t remember the last time I drank one.

The end. :)


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