Room ♥

I cleaned my room today, it’s been a month since i did, and it would be just months before I’ll leave it.

I was just planning to post the before and after photo of my room, and make fun of it, but then as i looked at my room right now, I  realize that I’m gonna miss it.

if superheroes have their hideouts, my siblings and cousins, when we were younger,  have their mother ship (i wasn’t allowed to see their ‘mother ship’ so i don’t really know where it’s located and how it looks like; I still want to know. -____- XD) left4dead has a safe house, others may call it den, lair, sanctuary, etc. I have my room. and this part of the house is where I feel safest, relaxed.this is where you’d find me in the morning, night, afternoon, when I’m not outside, I’m here. letting time pass by, doing things that are. . . some important, some are not. this is where I’d  do my crazy dance, no one had ever seen yet, and lay in bed when I’m happy. this is where I’d  go to cry, this is where I spent my sick days, this is where I’d go to think. this is where I’d go if I’m bored and got nothing to do.

I love my room, and I will miss it when I go. I will miss every single part of it, the window, the bed, the mirror, the floor, the chair, the dusts, the books, the robot, the papers, the fan, the cabinets, the hair clips, the wires, the door, the clock, the everything.

I don’t know how long I’ve been here, but I’ve been here long enough to say this room knows everything about me;  my personality, my greatest fears ,my greatest desires, etc. I’ll miss you room, I’ll surely will. :\


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