So I’m done.

I just finished my project for our SP class. Hopefully i’ll pass.

I didn’t graduate. I wasn’t able to submit my project on time , so i have to do it all over again this summer, but it’s okay, my output that time was just plain crap. now, it’s just slightly crappy :))

guess things happen for a reason.

i missed out on a lot of things; watching TV, being with friends, concerts, movies, etc. one of my favorite singers died (Karl Roy) and I wasn’t able to watch him perform because of this!!!! -__-

“play now, you can always work anytime” – I know now what my friends have been trying to tell me for the longest time. a lifetime had gone by already, I missed life, because i became obsessed with the thought of passing, and finishing it all.

this time, I watch when i want to, go out if I want to, and work when I want to. it’s a lot better, compared to work work work work work work work work work :))

whatever the outcome of my defense this coming Friday, I’ll continue on with what I want. :)


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